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Head of Nurtured PT

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2019: Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer

2020: Certified Kettle Bell Trainer

2021: Certified Padwork Trainer,

Certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness,

Certified Senior Fitness

Hello, I'm Jess!

I was inspired to start a career in Health & Fitness during my first Yoga class 7 years ago. I saw how the teacher made such a positive impact by helping people connect with themselves, appreciate their body and take steps to improve their strength and flexibility. 

This motivated me to pursue a rewarding career where I could offer the same to others, so in 2019 I trained to become a Personal Trainer in London.

I have worked with a wide range of clients to help them build strength and improve their health including:

  • during pregnancy

  • after a C section

  • after injuries

  • with no previous exercise experience

  • pre and post operation

  • during/after poor mental health

  • beginners at +60yrs

  • clients with Neurological Conditions such as Parkinson's Disease

I am so passionate about what I do!! Always feel welcome to book a free 15m chat to see if it's something that's right for you.

Nurtured PT

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2022 Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer

2022: Level 1 Tennis Coach

Hello, I'm Katie!

I am a tennis and exercise enthusiast. I first became interested in Personal Training when I joined an exercise class. I felt so inspired by the leader who encouraged the group and I found myself looking for that rewarding role.

This led me to teaching classes at the Neurological Physiotherapy clinic in Cheadle, followed by tennis coaching children and teaching private one to ones.

I am here to help you reach your full potential in the way you feel and look. Come on this journey with me to a better version of you.

Let us make fitness part of your lifestyle!

Follow my Instagram @KTHD.PT 

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