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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT - Katie Patel, Artist.

Updated: Feb 4


Every month, I spotlight one of my amazing PT clients. Talking to them about their health and wellness goals.


Name: Katie Patel

Occupation: I’m an Artist, specialising in expressive landscape paintings and portraiture. I work from my home studio on exhibitions, commissions and projects.

Home Life: I live in Bramhall with my husband Praf and our two children Mia (8) and Rowan (6)

Nurtured Non-Negotiable: My health habits are way too negotiable (which is probably what I need to work on!) but I would say I always start the day with a simple, healthy breakfast. It’s so easy to find excuses to add sugary things into the day but at least you can control how you start the day, it’s got to count for something!

Media of Moment: I often listen to Dr Chaterjee’s ‘Feel Better. Live More.’ podcast while I paint– he speaks to so many interesting guests who are experts in different areas of life and I love feeling like like I’m part of the conversation. It’s where I discovered James Clear, the author of ‘Atomic Habits’, the book I’m now reading for the second time!

Last Holiday: My last holiday was in Anglesey over the summer with my family, including my parents. It was a lovely get-away and despite a rainy forecast was great walking weather to appreciate the rugged coastline, along with a few stunning sunsets! Coming from Leeds and living in Manchester, I just love escaping to the coast!

Favourite Exercise: I like walking but, if I’m honest, I really do have to force myself to exercise. I enjoy Body tone classes and yoga because they feel good for my body but it’s also the social element. The time I really enjoyed running was when I was training for a charity half marathon with my friend for a special cause. It works best for me when exercise is a secondary benefit!



1. What are your wellness goals?

I would like to be more consistent with my approach to exercise and eating healthily. I know this is quite broad(!) but I’m realising that it’s more about showing up day to day, rain or shine, rather than big gestures which are inconsistent (my big take away from Atomic Habits). Being fully present and more in control of my phone usage is another key goal.

2. What are the biggest challenges and barriers that you face as a woman when it comes to achieving your health and wellness goals?

Life is busy and there are many family commitments which get prioritised, it can seem indulgent to spend time on something which is purely for your own benefit. I would also say that varying energy levels can impact on the kind of exercise you feel you are able to do.

3. Where do you get your support and strength from?

This is a really interesting question. I have always drawn strength from people around me. I’m very sociable and feel nourished in the company of my family and good friends. Increasingly, I’m learning the importance of drawing on my own strength too, and having my own tool box/strategies when times are tough. Painting, meditation, reading and spending time in nature are all activities which support me and give me strength.

4. Who is the most inspiring woman you know?

I’m inspired by so many women for a variety of different reasons – close friends, colleagues from my teaching days, my artist friends, women who are strong and break boundaries. The person that will always be at the top of my list is my mum. She inspires me with her unconditional love. We may all have shortcomings when it comes to our lifestyles, but feeling loved and cherished (despite our faults and failings) can’t be beaten.

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