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SPOTLIGHT - Coral Murphy, Founder of Emiko Studios Ltd

Updated: Oct 13, 2023


Every month, I spotlight one of my amazing PT clients. Talking to them about their health and wellness goals.


Name: Coral Murphy

Occupation: Founder of Emiko, a slow fashion brand and manufacturer.

Home Life: I live in Mobberley with my partner and daughter Emi who is 4 years old, we have a dog, 2 cats and some fish. Life is always hectic but it keeps us going.

Nurtured Non-Negotiable: An evening bath and an early night. I struggle with sleep so have found a routine to wind down in the evening and slow my heart rate. If I don't have time or go out in the evening it throws my sleep cycle completely.

Media of Moment: Apple TV are showcasing some really good series, I'm enjoying 'crowded room' at the moment.

Last Holiday: We went to Greece in the summer, just the three of us, for 2 weeks doing nothing but chilling out and eating good food. We find it hard finding the right time to take a holiday so made the most and went for a fortnight.



1. What are your wellness goals?

I would like to have a routine within exercise, running and yoga, I like doing this with friends, it also helps motivate me. My mental health is definitely better when I take the time for myself to do some form of exercise. I try to make sure that the weekends and evenings I'm always present for Emi as she's in school 9-5, I have a demanding job which makes it difficult.

2. What are the biggest challenges and barriers that you face as a woman when it comes to achieving your health and wellness goals?

I think after you've had a baby there's a lot of pressure to bounce back to the body you used to have. Having a baby literally changed my body and mind so much, I will never be able to 'bounce back' to that, which is totally fine. But I suppose society expects you to go back to your 'normal' self, but you are a completely different person, you just made a human being in your body.

3. Where do you get your support and strength from?

Mainly James my partner, I've never really had that support from family and I really struggle with that, but James is my cheerleader.

4. Who is the most inspiring woman you know?

My daughter Emi inspires me to be a better person everyday, I built my business for her and I want her to be inspired and motivated to be brave and build a career from a passion of her own one day.

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And if you'd like to check out Coral's amazing business Emiko you can click the image below to be taken to her website.

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