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Every month, I spotlight one of my amazing PT clients. Talking to them about their health and wellness goals.


Name: Marie Bergin

Occupation: Finance manager in an Art Gallery.

Home Life: I live in Sale, down a quiet avenue. I’m next to some beautiful Japanese water gardens that I often visit with friends and family and of course, my best pal Orla, our Glen of Imaal terrier.

Nurtured Non-Negotiable: My non negotiable item is my nutrition. I focus on making sure I eat enough every day by logging my meals and exercises on my Fitbit. I also make sure that I am drinking enough. Prioritising these items has helped to keep me focused and also have enough energy for my fitness activities in the week.

Media of Moment: I have been enjoying watching Susan Calman:Antarctica. She is such a warm person and her descriptions and interactions with the world are so fulfilling! I hope to go to the Antarctic one day!

Last Holiday: I went canoeing and wild camping across the Caledonian Canal in Scotland, September 2023. It was one of the most exciting, challenging and mindful times of my life! Canoeing through Loch Ness was a dream, so beautiful and mystical. When we were camping, I snuck outside and watched the sky, which was so dark apart from the Northern Lights above my head! I had tears of pure joy pouring down my face because I felt so fortunate!

Favourite Exercise: I love doing the tabata exercises. They have such a high impact in such a short amount of time! I also love squats, I really feel them working!



1. What are your wellness goals?

I would like to work on gaining a healthier work/life balance. Unfortunately, there is a lot of pressure for everyone in their work lives, which can impact upon their personal lives. I’m now focusing at switching off at the appropriate time to allow myself space for more mindful activities, such as fitness training and cooking

2. What are the biggest challenges and barriers that you face as a woman when it comes to achieving your health and wellness goals?

I believe that self confidence can be a barrier. Sometimes if you don’t feel good about your body, whether it’s your ability or the way you look, it can mean your confidence is lowered when trying to achieve health and wellness goals. To tackle this I focus upon not comparing myself with other people and also only trying to accomplish my own goals.

3. Where do you get your support and strength from?

My family and friends keep me smiling, offer constant support and advice, along with the different people I work with on my fitness journey!

4. Who is the most inspiring woman you know?

I feel that my mum is one of the most inspiring women I know. As a family, we have had some challenging times over recent years and throughout this, she has remained the strong person that she has always been, who I can always rely on.

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